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About Us - What is our company worth for

Lovely bake studio. A premier European inspired bakery that offers its guests an unmatched range of 100% Eggless delicacies, a first-of-its-kind concept in North India.

Say goodbye to the days of avoiding baked goodies due to religious restrictions or even heath concerns. You can now enjoy new flavours, new variety of delicacies and relish the always desired Eggless cakes, cookies n savories without any guilt or hesitation. A feat made possible by reformulating and re-engineering traditional home-made recipes by a very talented team of chefs from across the country over the past one year. The end result - the perfect tasting, mouth-watering, 100% Eggless variety that can be savoured by one and all.

Lovely Bake Studio is spread over a sprawling 2500 sq ft showroom with modern infrastructure and a European retro cafe' design. Creating the perfect ambience to savour the perfect taste in the every bite. The motto of Lovely Bake Studio lies in being " 100% EGGLESS " . Our guests can now enjoy flavours, dishes, delicacies that previously were not available in Eggless variety. And little that was available, there was always doubt and question over their genuineness, though not any more. Our wide variety of cakes, pastries, puffs, rolls, cookies, home-made biscuits, evening knick-knacks, shakes and lots lots more is for everyone to enjoy without any hesitation.